It is a 100 day pay-as-you-feel course helping
you to discover what matters for a happy
and fulfilling life


We believe knowledge about happiness should be accessible to everyone,
not only scientists or psychologists. The goal of the course is to provide you
with practical tools that can be applied in daily life and help
discovering what makes you happy.


Minimum heavy theory, maximum practical exercises,
discussions and real life applications.




% improvement in perceived well-being



Course Structure


Session #1 – Sept 3: Intro + Sense of Purpose
Session #2 – Sept 17: Personal Strengths
Session #3 – Oct 1: Mindfulness
Session #4 – Oct 15: Gratitude
Session #5 – Oct 29: Kindness
Session #6 – Nov 12: Positive Connections
Session #7 – Nov 26: Optimism
Final Session – Dec 11: Graduation



The course runs over 7 sessions every second week + 1 graduating session. Every session lasts approximately 120 minutes and focuses on one of the key behaviors linked with long-term happiness.


The format of sessions is highly practical – only 20-25% of time is spent on theory, while the rest is dedicated to actual application of the subject trait through hands-on exercises. This allows anyone to take this course without any prerequisites and achieve tangible results.


To enhance the experience, sessions are complemented with homeworks, individual reverse mentorship, private class facebook group, access to course alumni as well as public & private events.

As the journey to happiness is very personal, it is essential that all
participants come with an intention to help each other on this journey.
These simple yet important rules below ensure all of us would get
the most of the course.


1: We welcome different perspectives
2: We are supportive and friendly
3: We let everyone have a voice
4: We use the expertise in the room
5: We share a bit of ourselves
6: We act with integrity
7: We are present

Just imagine that in one moment you get a lot of new friends. Friends that are
full of positive energy, driven to make their life more beautiful, make their dreams
and help others make dreams come true. They aspire making happiness into their lifestyle.


Unfortunately Zurich Intake III has already started – but if you want to be notified about new intakes or
events happening in Zurich, please make sure to leave your email below.


Q: How much does it cost?
A: The course costs how much you feel it is worth for you – you decide, anywhere between zero and a thousand. All proceeds are donated to 100happydays foundation to continue developing & running courses like this one for people all across the world.


Q: Who is behind this course?
A: The course will be delivered by Dmitry Golubnichy, Chief Happiness Officer of 100happydays foundation on the mission to make people more aware about the pursuit of happiness. By now our projects have impacted over 8 million lives in 180 countries around the world.


Q: Is it a religious sect?
A: No, the materials of the course are strictly based on the scientific research from the field of Positive Psychology. We do not reject religion as a way for some people to find their path to happiness. It’s just that we don’t cover it in this course at all.


Q: Do I have to attend all the sessions?
A: We totally understand that sometimes reality kicks in and all of us won’t be able to attend all the sessions during the course. We believe that people participating in the course are genuinely interested in their happiness and, hence, would be motivated to be present as much as possible and complete exercises even if missing a session.


Q: What if I cannot participate on dates for Zurich Intake III?
A: You are more than welcome to join our other Zurich events and educational programs that suit your schedule better for this fall. Drop us a line at zurich(at) and we will keep you posted about upcoming events and the application deadline for Zurich Intake IV.


Q: Where will sessions take place within the city?
A: At the moment sessions are set to take place in Zurich district of Schmiede Wiedikon.


Q: Can I do the course online?
A: Sure, please apply here.


Q: What’s the language of the course?
A: English.


Q: How can I contact you?
A: Please feel free to write your questions, comments & suggestions to hello(at) 


Q: How can I organize Applied Happiness Course in my city?
A: Send us an email at hello(at) and we’d be happy to assist you in bringing the concept to your city!