It is a pay-as-you-feel course helping
you to discover what matters for a happy
and fulfilling life


We believe knowledge about happiness should be accessible to everyone,
not only scientists or psychologists. The goal of the course is to provide you
with practical tools that can be applied in daily life and help
discovering what makes you happy.


Minimum heavy theory, maximum practical exercises,
discussions and real life applications.




% improvement in perceived well-being



Online Course Structure


Session #1: Intro + Sense of Purpose
Session #2: Personal Strengths
Session #3: Mindfulness
Session #4: Gratitude
Session #5: Kindness
Session #6: Positive Connections
Session #7: Optimism
Final Session: Final Project


The course runs over 7 sessions + 1 final project. Every session focuses on one of the key behaviors linked with long-term happiness.


The course material is delivered fully online in a format of your choice – from email-based to workbooks to video lectures. The intensity of the course corresponds to the format – from 15 min to 4 hours a week.


Sessions are complemented with reflective activities and homework exercises to facilitate the application of new material in everyday life.

Every full course taker gets assigned one of our personal coaching experts who have more than 40 years of
aggregated experience in the area. Whether it is about clarifying an exercise or crystallizing one of
the concepts – the expert will be next to you during the whole course journey.

  • Introductory Course

  • USD0lesson
    • 7 lessons over 7 days
    • Public curated content
    • No theory and no exercises
  • Full Course

  • USD15lesson
    • 8 lessons over 8 weeks-long course
    • Theory & exercises
    • Lesson workbooks
    • Dedicated coach support
  • Ultimate Course

  • USD50lesson
    • Full Course Benefits
    • Platform with +40 Lesson Videos
    • Official completion certificate

Q: How much does it cost?
A: The course costs how much you feel it is worth for you – you decide, anywhere between zero and a thousand. All proceeds are donated to 100happydays foundation to continue developing & running courses like this one for people all across the world.


Q: When does the course start?
A: The course is self-paced and could be started / finished at any time it is comfortable for you. Materials will remain accessible to you throughout the course journey.


Q: Is it a religious sect?
A: No, the materials of the course are strictly based on the scientific research from the field of Positive Psychology. We do not reject religion as a way for some people to find their path to happiness. It’s just that we don’t cover it in this course at all.


Q: Is there a 100% guarantee of the result?
A: Just like in any educational program, the result of the Applied Happiness Course is proportional to the effort you have put into the course. This program is based on the offline course series that has been delivered to thousands of individuals across the world with proven results. The exercises and techniques collected in the course are based on the positive psychology research and will enable you to know how to apply your talents to create greater performance at home, work and in life. We will assist you along the way, but you’ll need to roll up your sleeves.


Q: Will there be someone working with me individually?
A: Every full course participant gets a personal coaching expert assigned to a them. The role of the expert is to answer any questions that might pop up during your course journey.  


Q: Do I need any special software to take the course?
A: For the base course you only need access to your email, for the full course you would need to be able to open PDF files; otherwise, all materials will be made available via our platform.  


Q: What’s the language of the course?
A: English.


Q: Do you also create corporate offline / online programs on happiness?
A: Absolutely! Please email us with details and we will take it from there. 


Q: How can I contact you?
A: Please feel free to write your questions, comments & suggestions to hello(at) 


Q: How can I organize Applied Happiness Course in my city?
A: Send us an email at hello(at) and we’d be happy to assist you in bringing the concept to your city!